Why Notarizing Your Contracts Matters

Making sure your contracts are legally binding and accurate is essential to your continued success. Working with a Katy estate planning and civil litigation firm can provide you with support in managing your contracts. Making sure that your contracts are notarized can provide you with added protection against disputes at every stage of your business arrangement. Here are some of the most important reasons to have contracts notarized.

Verifying Identities

Ensuring that all parties are who they say they are can provide you with added protection throughout the life of the contract. Part of the notary process is verifying the identities of the individuals signing the document. This can allow you to proceed with greater confidence when entering into contractual arrangements with individuals you do not know well.

Securing Witnesses

Your notary public can also serve as a witness to the signing of the contract. This can be valuable if the other party claims that he or she did not sign the contract during a dispute. The notary public can be called as a witness in any courtroom proceedings to testify that the other individual did in fact sign the contract. This can provide real support for your side of the argument in a court of law.

Ensuring Financial Protection

The services offered by a notary public can also provide you with added financial protection if the person with whom you contracted is not who he or she claims to be. Most notary services offer insurance that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you sustain damages because the notary public did not perform his or her due diligence in verifying the identity of all parties, these funds can be used to offset your losses and ensure the profitability of your business into the future.

Avoiding Disputes

Notarized contracts can serve as a deterrent for contractual disputes. Your local Sugar Land real estate law firm can also provide guidance and support. By taking these additional steps to ensure that your contract is witnessed and legal, you can often avoid unwanted litigatory entanglements related to these arrangements. This can save you time and money when dealing with contracts in the business world.

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