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Never Buy a Home Without a Real Estate Lawyer

Before you enter into a legally binding, residential real estate transaction, know that a real estate lawyer can protect your interests by being involved from the beginning. A little homework done by a legal professional can save you a lot of headaches down the road to closing on your home. Real estate forms drafted by a realtor are not always your best option. Although standard forms often suffice, all the terms in those forms can be negotiated by your lawyer. There are many different real estate companies and realtors especially in fast growing counties like Fort Bend and Waller Counties in Texas. These counties are home to major cities such as Katy and Sugar Land.

Not only can a real estate attorney properly drafted earnest money contracts to save you money, they can also prevent you from missing critical deadlines in the process. Therefore, an attorney should review this important document before you agree to sign it. Likewise, your attorney should also review every other document involved in the transaction before you sign it. Why? This review is necessary because once you have signed a document, you have agreed in writing.  Once you have agreed in writing, no changes can be made unless all parties agree.

Some other critical stages where a lawyer’s advice will benefit you the most are:
•When the title report comes: Your attorney knows how to read it and what problems may be present.
•When you apply for a loan your attorney can explain the process to you and explain what you need for your lender.
•When to expect inspections, surveys, and appraisals – and how they will affect your transaction.
•When problems arise your lawyer can relieve your stress and guide you to the proper solution.
• At closing your lawyer can review every document and make sure they are accurate and protective of your interests.
Never buy a home without a lawyer on your side. When you finally close on your home purchase rest easy and enjoy your new home knowing your attorney has protected your interests.