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Navigating Real Estate Boundary Disputes in Texas

Boundary disputes can be unpleasant and difficult to resolve. Determining where the precise property line is and who owns a particular area or parcel of property usually requires a survey of the actual property as well as a review of the applicable legal documents. Retaining the services of a Katy real estate law firm to investigate these matters can provide added help for you in determining the best way to proceed with these civil disputes. Here are some helpful hints for navigating real estate boundary disputes in the state of Texas.

Both Residential and Commercial Properties Can Be Affected

While most boundary disputes involve residential properties, commercial parcels can also be the subject of property line issues. Working with a qualified Sugar Land small business attorney is the best way to navigate boundary disputes between two adjoining property owners in our area. By working with a legal professional, you can protect your company’s rights while ensuring that these issues are settled fairly and in accordance with the letter of the law.

In some instances, residential property line disputes can be ironed out through mediation or during a sit-down meeting with the stakeholders and their attorneys. This can allow neighbors to present their own documentation and to decide on the best course of action for all parties concerned. By making sure that you have legal representation during these proceedings, you can protect your right to your property while engaging in negotiations with the other side.

Property Ownership Is Not Set in Stone

Texas statutes allow for the legal transfer of ownership to another individual through a doctrine known as adverse possession. This legal doctrine states that if another individual uses or makes improvements to a property over the course of three or more years, he or she may be legally entitled to claim ownership and title of that property. Sheds, roads, fences and landscaping installations have all been upheld as constituting improvements to a property that could lead to adverse possession by another individual or company. Quick action is required to prevent the transfer of ownership after a qualifying improvement has been made by one of your neighbors. Working with an attorney is the best way to protect your property against these unwanted legal consequences.

The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob offers professional guidance for all aspects of Sugar Land real estate law. We have the experience that you need for protecting your property line dispute rights in the legal environment. Our team of legal professionals will work with you to ensure the most positive outcome for your situation. Call us today at 832-879-2244 to set up your initial consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your legal needs.