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Important Steps for Buying an Existing Business

The whole point of buying a business is to make money and have control of your future, which is why purchasing an existing business makes sense. A Sugar Land real estate law firm can help you to find the right company that has the best fit for you and your personal strengths and goals. You can usually find a good investment if you do your research and know what you are looking for, where to find it and how to safeguard your decision.

It is simpler to get the start-up capital that you will need to buy a business with a proven track record of success rather than starting a new company. However, due diligence is required, or you could end up owning a bad investment. You need to be certain that the business you are buying has fresh inventory, lively cash flow and a good staff of employees. Obtain all the licenses and permits that are necessary. Make sure the business is not in violation with any zoning requirements and check into any environmental regulations in the area. Here are some tips for buying an existing business.

  • Remember that you are an asset. Any skills that you possess can improve your business. Are you good at making a deal? Do you have a penchant for handling employees? Are you a tireless worker who is willing to work long hours to make a business succeed? These qualities can turn the tide when you are buying a business.
  • You should hire a Sugar Land small business attorney to advise you on real estate law. Experienced professionals can spare you from unexpected expenses or an unwise investment.
  • Pick something that you enjoy. You will be more likely to succeed if you buy a business that appeals to you. If you have a graphic design background, you might like owning a print shop. If you are handy with tools, you might want to purchase a remodeling company. An art gallery with a busy framing shop might satisfy your need to support the arts.
  • Be prepared. Search the classifieds, and network with other people. Social media is an instantaneous way to announce your intentions and to explore the offerings that are available.
  • Have a team of professionals who are ready to assist when you decide what business to buy. You want to hit the ground running. You will need an attorney, an accountant and a banker. An experienced human resources manager would also help smooth out the bumps during the transitional period.

Be smart, and be safe. The attorneys at The Law Office of Henry Jakob are experienced in real estate law and Katy estate planning. When it is time for you to buy an existing business, contact us at 713.640.5700. We will help you find the right opportunity, and we will make sure that you are following the correct protocols for a secure investment.


  • Evan Guthrie
    Posted March 12, 2017 9:21 pm

    I appreciate the business acquisition tips.

    • DeSimone
      Posted March 13, 2017 10:03 pm

      So glad you found them useful, Evan.

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