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For individuals and small-to-midsize business owners, real estate transactions are often life-changing experiences. They are also among the largest and most important legal contracts that most individuals encounter in their lifetimes. Moreover, real estate purchases and sales often fit into broader consumer and business law considerations, increasing their complexity and overall importance.

With all this in mind, it is critically important for buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees not to leave any real estate-related matters to chance.

Houston Real Estate Attorney Assisting with Purchase and Sale Transactions

In Texas, unlicensed buyers and sellers occasionally represent themselves in real estate transactions. This involves substantial risk and is not advisable under normal circumstances.

Most buyers and sellers are aware of the risks of self-representation and choose to work with licensed real estate agents during the buying or selling process. This has been the default option for decades.

However, agent representation may not be sufficient in all situations. In large, complex, multi-party or high-stakes real estate transactions, it is advisable to work with a seasoned Texas real estate attorney who understands the minutiae of the state’s real estate statutes and is equipped to provide valuable, actionable advice without bias or reserve.

Common situations in which it may be advisable to work with a real estate lawyer in addition to or instead of a real estate agent include:

  • The parties to the transaction wish to substantially modify the purchase agreement
  • The transaction involves multiple individuals and entities or has a complex ownership structure
  • The transaction involves a dual-agency situation in which the same agent represents both the buyer and seller
  • The buyer or seller wishes to avoid commission-based payments
  • The transaction involves any items that require specific legal advice, which Texas-licensed real estate agents are not permitted to give

Seasoned Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorney in Harris County, Texas

As noted, the complex nature of real estate transactions and the fundamentally adversarial nature of the buyer-seller relationship often produces unintended consequences, such as the need for commercial litigation. With more than four decades of experience in real estate law and a keen understanding of the economic and legal considerations that drive buyers and sellers, the principal attorneys at The Law Office of Henry Jakob are uniquely well-positioned to guide clients through the transaction process.

If you are involved in an upcoming real estate purchase or sale in Waller, Harris or Fort Bend County, we are ready and able to assist with your transaction and cater to any special legal needs that you might have. Our residential and commercial real estate purchase and sale services fit neatly into our other core areas of service, including business planning, consumer law and corporate law.

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