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Houston Real Estate Law – Mechanics Lien / Materialman Lien

Texas is blessed with a resilient, vibrant real estate sector that contributes billions of dollars to the state’s annual economic output. This perennial performance would not be possible without a multitude of hardworking contractors and small business owners who collectively organize and execute residential and commercial real estate projects of varying levels of scale and complexity.

Although they typically lack top-level familiarity with Texas real estate law, consumer law or business law, these construction professionals may use mechanics’ liens and materialman liens to protect their financial interest in the projects they complete. With the assistance of a seasoned commercial or residential real estate attorney, these liens allow contractors to collect payments from homeowners, developers and general contractors who might otherwise be inclined to delay or default on their obligations.

Mechanics’ Liens and Materialman Liens in Harris, Fort Bend County and Surrounding Areas

Although they benefit a relatively narrow subset of the business community, mechanics’ liens and materialman liens are vital to Texas corporate law. Over the years, such liens have prevented or simplified countless commercial litigation actions.

Technically speaking, these liens are guarantees of payment to firms and sole proprietors engaged in or involved with the construction and repair of residential and commercial structures. Note that mechanics’ liens and materialman liens extend to direct suppliers and vendors of materials used in construction and repair as well as all subcontractors that contribute to a particular project. These liens typically remain valid until the completion of the project or until all contractors and suppliers have been paid.

Importantly, these liens have relatively high seniority. In other words, they take priority over most other forms of debt. In the event of a foreclosure or bankruptcy, this favorable treatment increases the likelihood of full recovery.

Seasoned Houston Real Estate Attorneys Assist with Business Planning

Implementing a lien is only the first step in the collection process. For contractors and suppliers who wish to ensure that they receive the funds to which they are entitled, proper representation makes all the difference.

We have proudly represented workers and business owners from across the greater Houston area and are committed to ensuring that the hard work of the region’s builders continues to be rewarded. Regardless of the circumstances of your case or the nature of your work, we pledge to impartially evaluate your situation and recommend a course of action that best fits your needs.

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