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Houston Real Estate Law – Construction & Improvements

For property owners who elect to undertake construction and property improvement projects, planning and executing these projects is an exciting experience. Moreover, completing any major project is a genuine cause for celebration. However, quite a bit of work is involved between the inception of a particular project idea and the moment at which the final bolt or beam is put into place.

Understanding Construction and Property Improvements in Waller, Fort Bend and Harris County

Properly filing the appropriate building or improvement permits with the requisite authorities is a critical early step in any major commercial or residential project that involves substantial structural or infrastructure-related alterations. Common permitting considerations include:

  • Stormwater permits: The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issues permits allowing the discharge of construction-site stormwater into surface water sources
  • Local building permits: Cities and counties approve applications for new construction or property improvements and issue the requisite permits
  • Utility permits and approvals: Projects involving the addition or expansion of infrastructure on a given property may require permitting or approval from the requisite utilities
  • Situation-specific issues: Special issues may arise in certain areas, such as coastal parcels and flood zones

To prevent significant complications and added expense, owners of residential and commercial real estate alike must understand permitting, building codes and related matters. A seasoned real estate attorney can advise on these issues and prevent or mitigate headaches down the line.

Houston Real Estate Attorneys Assist with Construction Permits and Other Matters

Building or improving a property is a labor-intensive, time-consuming prospect that requires substantial upfront planning, diligent execution and formidable organization. It is not uncommon for a project to be delayed, sidelined or even cancelled due to an issue with improperly filed paperwork, inadequate permitting or some other preventable issue. Moreover, lax or inadequate permitting can pave the way for civil or commercial litigation actions that affect personal and business planning.

With this in mind, it is critical to work with a real estate law attorney who understands the often confusing nature of state and local permitting requirements in the Houston area. At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC we boast extensive experience at the intersection of business law, consumer law and residential and commercial real estate. We have seen numerous real estate cycles and shepherded our clients through every common situation related to construction, improvements and property ownership in general.

Whether you wish to properly file a construction permit in Stafford or need guidance on the legal requirements for a property improvement project in Galveston, our seasoned real estate lawyers are happy to review your situation and provide any assistance that may be required.

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