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Houston Real Estate & Property Law – Boundary Disputes

Most of the time, property owners respect the boundaries that delineate their property and show the same courtesy to their neighbors. As a fundamental component of real estate law, property boundaries are critical to the smooth functioning of the landholding system we take for granted in the greater Houston, Katy and Sugar Land areas.

Unfortunately, boundary disputes can and do arise in the course of residential and commercial real estate dealings. In some cases, these disputes can escalate quickly and foment commercial litigation, business planning headaches and consumer law disputes. It is critical for property owners of all stripes to understand their rights in the event of a boundary dispute and recognize when it is necessary to take decisive action to prevent further trouble.

Boundary Disputes in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Katy and Surrounding Communities

Common activities that precipitate boundary disputes include:

  • An adjacent property owner fences in an area that actually belongs to his neighbor
  • An adjacent owner makes landscaping or infrastructure improvements
  • An adjacent owner builds a structure, such as a shed, on adjoining land
  • An adjacent owner constructs a driveway or access road through a neighbor’s property without securing an easement

In most cases, boundary disputes are either resolved amicably or through legal means, such as mediation or litigation. Under certain circumstances, however, boundary disputes can result in permanent harm to the encroached-upon owner.

If an individual or entity occupies or improves a parcel of land that belongs to someone else for a statutory period of as little as three years, they may be able to permanently claim title to the property under Texas’s adverse possession statutes. While there are many defenses against adverse possession claims, property owners who fail to initiate legal action in a boundary dispute may have limited options once the statutory window passes.

It is important to note that adverse possession only becomes an issue if an encroached-upon property owner ignores or remains ignorant of the encroachment for the duration of the statutory period. Accordingly, it is absolutely critical for property owners to remain vigilant about potential encroachments and take appropriate steps to rectify them as soon as they are recognized.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorneys with Boundary Dispute Experience

Maintaining well-defined property boundary lines is critical to the smooth functioning of Texas’s corporate law and consumer law codes. Whether you are a Pearland homeowner concerned about your neighbor’s aggressive actions or a Stafford commercial landholder who wishes to restrict encroachment by adjoining landowners, we stand ready to assess your case and provide all necessary legal guidance.

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