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Houston Consumer Protection – Mortgages & Secured Credit Laws

Mortgages and secured credit play a major role in Texas’s business law, corporate law and consumer law landscape. Millions of the state’s homeowners and landlords carry mortgages and related forms of secured credit, including home equity loans. It is critically important for such individuals to understand their rights under the law – and how to stand their ground against lenders that violate the letter or spirit of key consumer protection regulations.

Evaluating Mortgage Credit and Lien Enforcement Through a Business Law Professional

It is important for prospective borrowers not to take statements made by their lenders at face value. Prior to and during the mortgage application process, borrowers should take such steps as:

  • Ensuring that all appropriate parties involved with originating and servicing the loan are licensed under the Texas SAFE Act
  • Avoiding originators and brokers that charge unusually high upfront fees
  • Ensuring that all loan terms and schedules are understood
  • Ensuring that the identity of the loan’s servicer is clear

Consumer Protection and Business Lawyers in Sugar Land, The Woodlands and Greater Houston

For homeowners with existing mortgages or other secured credit vehicles, Texas has a host of regulations and protections designed to reduce risk and curtail lender abuses. Depending on the circumstances, the Texas Attorney General’s office or the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner may investigate and address such complaints.

Additionally, consumers should understand the Texas codes that may protect them against abusive credit practices. In particular, Texas law prohibits lenders from issuing home equity loans that would exceed a hard cap of 80 percent loan-to-value or permitting borrowers to pay off other debts with the proceeds from such loans.

A seasoned Houston business law attorney can advise you on these and other mortgage-related matters.

Work with a Trusted Houston Real Estate Law Attorney

Mortgages and secured credit are critical to the smooth functioning of the economy, business planning activities and real estate law. At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, we take issues related to these types of credit seriously. With experience in corporate law, commercial litigation and real estate, our principal attorney is uniquely suited to address purported violations of the public trust or consumer protection laws.

Our pledge to aggressively uphold the rights of individuals and small business owners against such violations extends to all residents of southeastern Texas. Whether you are a Pearland homeowner who wishes to avoid foreclosure or a Sugar Land landlord worried about losing his or her investment property, we are happy to evaluate your case and provide all necessary guidance.

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