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Houston Consumer Protection – Commercial Credit Laws

Commercial credit plays a critical role in Texas’s business law, corporate law and consumer law landscape. Untold thousands of small business owners across the state carry business loans and other forms of commercial credit. Real estate property owners, including landlords and investment property owners, participate in the commercial credit market as well.

Although most lender-borrower relationships remain amicable, adverse outcomes can and do occur in the commercial credit market. Disputes and disagreements can lead to more serious and potentially costly situations, such as commercial litigation and foreclosure.

Moreover, borrowers must be wary of lenders that fail to follow the stringent federal and state laws, regulations and customs that govern commercial credit issuance in Texas. Accordingly, it is critical for borrowers to understand their rights and responsibilities with regards to these laws as well as their options for securing justice in the event that a lender breaches their trust.

Commercial Credit Issues in Fort Bend, Waller and Harris County

In Texas, commercial borrowers face a host of risks from unscrupulous, unlicensed or negligent lenders. These include:

  • Lenders charging usurious interest rates or excessive fees
  • Lenders doing business under false pretenses or without appropriate licensure
  • Scammers that use deceptive practices to defraud unsuspecting borrowers

The Texas Attorney General’s office and the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner investigate and pursue blatant violations of the law or public trust. However, it is critical for individuals and business owners who feel that they have been treated unfairly to work with a seasoned attorney as well.

Work with a Seasoned Houston Business Lawyer

Commercial credit is essential to the smooth functionality of the economy, real estate law and business planning activities in Sugar Land, Galveston and all across the Houston area. At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, we devote a substantial amount of our practice to issues related to commercial and business credit, lien enforcement, mortgage credit and secured credit. With experience in corporate law, accounting, auditing and other financial matters, our principal attorneys are well-equipped to investigate, pursue and secure redress for violations of consumer protection laws and regulations.

We are committed to aggressively upholding the rights of consumers and small business owners who find themselves dealing with unscrupulous creditors. Whether you are a Stafford homeowner who is dealing with a commercial credit matter or a Pearland rental property owner at risk of losing his or her investment property, we will gladly evaluate the facts of your case and provide the guidance necessary to address your situation.

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