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Consumer Credit LawAs a broad, fundamental area of business law, credit is critical to business planning. Credit matters are also central to real estate law, consumer law, corporate law and other areas of the legal code in greater Houston, the state of Texas and the United States as a whole.

At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, our seasoned business lawyer is proud to provide a wide range of credit law and commercial litigation services. We have experience with these matters and have firsthand knowledge of common and uncommon credit issues that affect business owners and consumers. Prior to founding the firm, attorney Henry Jakob compiled more than a decade of experience in various auditing, management consulting and accounting roles at a major financial consultancy.

Credit Law in Harris, Waller and Fort Bend County

Our credit law practice areas include:

Home Equity Loans

We provide advise participants during the home equity loan application and origination processes. We are happy to provide guidance and recommendations as well as modifications to loan terms.

Lender Liability

We have years of experience in various matters related to lender liability, a confusing and critical component of credit law. Our attorneys have the expertise to evaluate, advise on and clarify lender liability issues for a wide variety of clients.


Lenders must ensure that their practices do not violate state usury laws. We can provide appropriate guidance and clarification.

Debt Collection

Our principal attorneys advise on the legality and suitability of various debt collection methods and assist when collection activities cross legal lines.

Credit Regulation

Our attorneys are experienced in all matters related to credit regulations, including state and federal issues.

Consumer Protection

We are intimately familiar with the complex and ever-changing web of consumer protection statutes and regulations. Our consumer protection services include:

  • State consumer protection: Clients trust us to provide guidance and representation specific to Texas consumer protection laws
  • Federal consumer protection: We have years of experience with federal consumer protection regimes, including the Dodd-Frank Act and other important statutes

Mortgages and Secured Credit

We provide a range of legal services related to mortgages and secured credit for a variety of clients in The Woodlands, Katy, Stafford, Galveston and all across southeastern Texas.

Commercial Credit

Our commercial credit services cover a wide range of subfields, including:

  • Lien enforcement
  • Perfection
  • Priority
  • Foreclosure

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For more information about all of our credit law services, including matters related to regulation, lender liability, consumer protection, debt collection and lien enforcement, please contact our Houston credit lawyer by calling 713.640.5700 or using the online contact form to arrange a consultation. Whether you live or do business in Galveston, Missouri City, Sugar Land or any other municipality in the greater Houston area, we are happy to review your case and assist in any way we can.

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