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Litigation – Trial & Judgement Enforcement

Although many legal disputes can be resolved without resorting to trial, it is not possible to satisfactorily address every issue through arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

If you are dealing with a complex and intractable matter that demands immediate attention in Katy, Pearland, Missouri City or any other part of the greater Houston area, it may be necessary to contact an experienced Houston civil litigation attorney. The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC has experience in civil litigation, including such subsets as commercial litigation, consumer litigation and personal injury litigation.

Litigation in Houston, Galveston and Beyond

Litigation is the process of adjudicating a legal dispute in a court of law. It is a common means of addressing issues for which there is little hope of a negotiated settlement. Non-criminal litigation actions are popularly known as “lawsuits” and – if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached first – typically result in a civil trial.

During civil trial proceedings, the counterparties present their cases before a sitting judge or jury. While either side has a right to request that the case be heard by a jury, this right is often waived.

To support their arguments, they present evidence, call witnesses and make oral arguments. Once both sides have been given the opportunity to argue their side of the story, the judge weighs the facts as presented and issues a ruling. In actions involving a jury, the jury is responsible for deliberating on the facts and issuing a verdict under the supervision of a judge. While the outcome of a civil trial is binding and enforceable in court, it can be appealed to a higher court under certain circumstances.

Effective Houston, Katy & Sugar Land Civil Litigation Lawyers

Henry Jakob is a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in civil litigation related to consumer law, corporate law, business planning, real estate law and other areas. Mr. Jakob has two decades of experience with finance and business law. As a former CPA, management consultant and auditor, Mr. Jakob also brings a diverse collection of viewpoints to his work and exhibits rare mastery of the subject matter.

In addition to this formidable experience, Mr. Jakob possess an unfaltering commitment to aggressively and attentively representing their clients. They understand that litigation is a detail-oriented process that can turn on seemingly inconsequential factors. Accordingly, they pride themselves on anticipating every eventuality. In addition, they understand that the mere threat of litigation is often effective at enticing a counterparty to the negotiating table and securing an eventual settlement.

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