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Houston Dispute Resolution – Mediation

Along with arbitration, mediation is one of the most common forms of dispute resolution in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Waller County, Galveston and the greater Houston area. Mediation is employed in personal and business law situations involving aggrieved parties who wish to attempt to resolve their differences at the negotiating table. Although it is not appropriate in all situations, it can be an effective means of resolving disputes as well as a “first step” that does not necessarily preclude further legal action.

A Closer Look at Mediation in Houston, Sugar Land and Katy

Under the legal codes of the United States and Texas, mediation resembles a supervised negotiation process that applies both to consumer law and corporate law. It is a private, voluntary process that occurs outside the courtroom and does not involve a judge. For proceedings to begin, both parties must agree to mediation as a course of action.

During mediation, a neutral third party – the mediator – sits between the parties and guides them through a comprehensive negotiation. He or she generally asks each party to describe the primary and secondary issues that led to the dispute, teasing out key areas of disagreement as well as potential areas of compromise and commonality. In certain circumstances, the mediator will leave the proceedings temporarily or permanently after ensuring that the parties are conducting fruitful negotiations. Ultimately, the goal is to reach an amenable, non-binding resolution that eliminates the need for further legal action.

A Holistic, Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution Option

Since it does not involve a lengthy preparation and execution process, mediation is typically less costly than civil trials. Also, the collaborative nature of mediation proceedings reduces the level of acrimony involved in the dispute resolution process and increases the likelihood that the parties will maintain a productive relationship after the proceedings’ conclusion.

However, it is important to note that non-binding mediation proceedings are not ideal for parties that wish to be bound by the terms of the resolution. Also, due to the non-binding nature of the outcome, mediation sometimes results in further legal action, including commercial litigation real estate law disputes. Parties that wish to increase the chances of a final resolution to their dispute may wish to consider other options, including taking the matter to trial.

Seasoned, Proven Mediation Attorneys for Harris, Waller and Fort Bend Counties

During its two decades of existence, The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC has handled an impressive array of mediation actions covering a wide range of legal issues. We pride ourselves on a compassionate, comprehensive approach to mediation and other forms of dispute resolution in civil matters.

At the same time, we do not hesitate to advise our clients to pursue other means of resolving their cases, including civil litigation and judgment enforcement. Our expertise and care at the negotiating table is equaled only by our prowess as litigators.

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