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Civil Dispute Resolution – Arbitration

Like mediation, arbitration is a cost-effective means of dispute resolution that does not require a court trial in Sugar Land, Katy and/or Houston. Arbitration is a private, structured negotiating process between two or more aggrieved parties. Although it may not be appropriate in certain situations, arbitration is often a useful solution for parties that do not wish to endure the stress, acrimony and expense of a court action.

A Closer Look at Arbitration in Fort Bend, Harris and Waller Counties

Like mediation, arbitration is a voluntary process that requires the consent of all parties to begin. It also involves a neutral, third-party arbitrator – a person or panel – who brokers discussions between the two parties and weighs the facts of the case as presented. Arbitrators generally have a license to serve in this capacity as well as prior legal experience. Many are retired judges or attorneys.

The key difference between arbitration and mediation involves the third party’s power. In mediation, the neutral person or panel simply helps the aggrieved parties negotiate a compromise or other amenable resolution. In arbitration, the neutral person or panel has the ability – and, in many cases, the responsibility – to make a ruling after hearing all the facts of the case.

In many cases, this ruling is binding. In other words, it is treated as final and may be enforced in court. Although it is possible to appeal a binding arbitration outcome, this typically only occurs under limited circumstances. Parties to binding arbitration proceedings should not expect to be able to appeal the decision of the arbitrator.

Arbitration proceedings can also be non-binding. In the event that the parties agree to non-binding arbitration, the resolution is treated as advisory and must be accepted by all parties to have legal force.

Experienced Arbitration Attorney for Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land and Surrounding Communities

The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC prides itself on its attentive and personalized approach to arbitration. This particular practice area perfectly complements our focus on business planning, corporate law, commercial litigation and real estate law. In all arbitration matters, we are committed to acting in the best interests of our business law and consumer law clients.

However, we also pride ourselves on our effectiveness as litigators in a variety of settings. If we believe that arbitration proceedings would not be the ideal dispute resolution option in your specific situation, we will advise you on other means of addressing the issue and ensure that you receive the same aggressive, steadfast representation.

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