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Houston Corporate & Commercial Law – Formation & Dissolution

Small and midsize business owners must engage in a tremendous amount of planning and paperwork to ensure that their firms remain solvent and competitive. In the greater Houston area, this generally requires the assistance of an effective business lawyer with substantial experience in business law, real estate law, commercial litigation and other critical areas.

Business formation and business dissolution are two of the most critical aspects of commercial law. Unsurprisingly, business formation is also one of the first legal matters the typical entrepreneur must consider when implementing his or her business idea.

Business Formation Considerations

The business formation process requires careful consideration. It is critical for any enterprising business owner to understand the nature of the endeavor and to ensure that his or her company is properly shielded from liability.

In consultation with their attorney, the owner must decide how they plan to incorporate the business – as an S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership or any other structure. They must subsequently draft and file articles of incorporation, which typically include:

  • The company’s name and business purpose, including a description of the products and services that will be provided
  • The name of the registered agent and “incorporator” – the person who prepares and files the documents
  • The number and par value of the company’s shares, including common shares and preferred shares
  • The names of the directors charged with governing the firm and the officers who oversee its day-to-day operations

Business Dissolution Considerations

Businesses dissolve for many reasons. When an owner or ownership group decides to wind up the affairs of their entity, several important considerations come into play. These include:

  • Putting the matter to a shareholder vote
  • Filing the appropriate dissolution documents with local authorities
  • Settling all debts as required by law
  • Cancelling any registrations and or qualifications that permit the business to operate in specific jurisdictions
  • Receiving tax clearance from state and federal authorities

To ensure that everything is done in legal and aboveboard fashion, the assistance of an attorney is highly recommended during the dissolution process.

Work with a Trusted Harris County Business Lawyer

Whether you operate a single storefront in a Katy shopping center or oversee a multi-unit commercial chain across the Houston and Galveston area, our business attorneys stand ready to assist with your business needs. In addition to business formation and dissolution services, we also help with such matters as:

  • Employee contracts, agreements and disputes
  • Partner agreements, shareholder agreements and partner/shareholder disputes
  • Business sales and business purchases
  • All matters related to the negotiation, drafting and review of contracts with suppliers, vendors and other entities
  • Assistance with disputes arising out of any contract or agreement

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