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Houston Corporate & Commercial Law – Employee Agreements & Disputes

The employer-employee relationship is a cornerstone of corporate law and consumer law. Depending on the nature of the business and the work performed, such a relationship can be highly lucrative and beneficial for all parties involved. Even in situations that do not involve such high stakes, the arrangements that govern the activities and expectations of employees and employers must be controlled by enforceable employee agreements that forestall or preclude preventable disputes.

Employee Agreements and Disputes in Missouri City, Stafford and Houston

Texas is an at-will employment state, meaning that both employers and employees can terminate an employment relationship without prior notice and for any reason not expressly prohibited by state or federal statutes.

However, there are many circumstances under which it makes sense to draw up an enforceable employment contract that creates certain rights and responsibilities for employees and employers alike. Employment agreements are useful in such situations as:

  • Highly technical or specialized roles for which qualified employees are in short supply
  • Work that involves a probationary or trial period
  • Hourly or part-time consulting work

Employment agreements typically spell out the length of an employee’s contract, his or her principal work duties, initial performance goals and requirements, stipulations against the dissemination of confidential information and other important matters. Regardless of the circumstances, a clear and enforceable agreement facilitates the smooth resolution of any disputes that arise from an employee’s termination or post-termination behavior, including the dissemination of confidential or sensitive information.

To further reduce the competitive impact of an employee’s termination or voluntary separation, employers may also wish to require all newly hired employees to sign non-compete agreements. Properly drafted non-compete agreements discourage poaching in competitive industries and reduce the business impact of the so-called “revolving door.” Due to statutory restrictions on their enforceability, it is critical to consult an attorney during the drafting process.

Work with Houston Business Attorneys Who Understand Employee Agreements and Disputes

At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, we understand that a company’s workforce can be its greatest asset – and its largest liability. Even savvy employers with years of hiring experience back up their instincts about newly hired employees with enforceable, effective employee agreements and dispute resolution protocols.

Whether you are a small Katy business owner with a handful of employees or a midsize Galveston firm with several divisions under your purview, it is critical that you understand the letter and application of employment law in Fort Bend, Waller and Harris County as well as surrounding areas of southeastern Texas. With experience in real estate law, business law, and consumer law matters, our business lawyers are well-equipped to handle the legal side of your business operations.

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