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Houston Business & Contract Law – Attorneys for Contract Negotiation

The contract is a fundamental element of corporate law, real estate law and consumer law in greater Houston and the rest of Texas. Any business entity that wishes to form productive relationships with employees, labor contractors, suppliers and long-term customers must understand the nature and value of contract law.

To ensure that contract disputes do not involve into acrimonious and expensive commercial litigation actions that adversely impact business planning, it is critical to work with a seasoned Houston business attorney in all contract negotiation, drafting and review activities.

Contracts and Business Law in Fort Bend, Waller and Harris County

Contracts formalize many different types of arrangements, including agreements to provide services in exchange for cash consideration and legally binding agreements between employers and employees. All contracts have certain common features:

  • An offer that clearly outlines the terms and scope of the contract
  • An acceptance, such as a legal signature
  • A legal purpose, such that the conditions described in the contract do not violate any known laws
  • Mutuality of agreement, which can be described in layman’s terms as “both parties being on the same page” regarding the nature of the contract
  • Certainty of subject matter, which ensures that a court can parse, understand and rule on a contract’s component parts
  • Consideration for products or services rendered
  • Competent parties to the contract

Verbal Contract Law in Houston, Sugar Land and Pearland

It is important to note that Texas law provides some allowance for legally enforceable verbal contracts. Valid verbal contracts must meet the standard of “adequate consideration,” which requires:

  • That the contract involve a reciprocal exchange, such as the sale of a product for cash consideration; or
  • That the parties to the contract would not be legally obligated to engage in the activity described in the contract anyway

However, wills, marriages, sales of securities, land contracts and certain other contracts must be written. A seasoned Texas business law attorney can advise on whether a particular verbal contract is likely to be upheld in court.

Prevent Commercial Litigation with Enforceable Business Contracts

Properly drafting contracts and addressing the potential for parties to dispute contracts is a sought-after facet of Houston business law. At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, our principal business lawyer has more than four decades of experience in various aspects of contract law. Our unique background allows us to anticipate and evaluate unforeseen issues that may arise during the course of a contract agreement and provide actionable guidance to our clients. In the event that a contract dispute arises, we are well-equipped to offer the attentive, personalized representation that discerning individuals and business owners demand.

Whether you are the owner of a midsize company with locations throughout the greater Houston and Galveston areas or a sole proprietor operating in Sugar Land, we stand ready to assist with any contract law issues that you may encounter during the course of business.

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