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Contracts are critical to many business law, consumer law and real estate law applications. Many of the business and interpersonal relationships that we take for granted are governed by written and verbal contracts. In the greater Houston and Galveston areas, written contracts represent an essential form of protection for a wide variety of commercial activities. Any business owner or sole proprietor who wishes to enter into a contract with a customer, supplier, employee, contractor or any other entity must have a solid understanding of contract agreements and contract disputes.

Review Contracts in Sugar Land and Stafford

It would be impossible to provide a complete list of situations and arrangements for which contracts are required or advised in the state of Texas. However, some of the more common types of contracts include:

  • Employment contracts, including contracts outlining defined terms of professional engagement
  • Statements of work for contractors and vendors
  • General and subcontractor arrangements
  • Commission structures, compensation incentives and severance agreements
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Real estate leases and purchase agreements

In many cases, individuals and business owners who wish to enter into these and other contracts can find ready-made, fill-in-the-blanks templates online or on file with their local business or professional association.

While such templates are useful and convenient under some circumstances, it is important to remember that they are drafted with an archetypal, highly generalized set of circumstances in mind. The facts of a particular relationship or situation often render these assumptions inaccurate or invalid.

Even if a template is broadly applicable to a particular situation, it is not advisable for parties to a contract to simply take a pre-drawn document at face value. Taking the time to present contracts to a seasoned business attorney for review prior to their finalization can save the often substantial stress and expense of commercial litigation.

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Even the most straightforward and routine contracts demand scrutiny. At The Law Office of Henry A. Jakob, PLLC, we understand that a minute variation in the wording of a particular clause can have a major impact on the entire contract’s meaning and enforceability. With more than four decades of experience in various aspects of contract law, our principal attorneys are uniquely equipped to support our clients’ needs in this critical area of the Texas legal code.

Whether you are a small Katy business owner who wishes to renegotiate and review a long-term contract with a key supplier or a Missouri City sole proprietor who needs to review a real estate lease, we are happy to evaluate your situation, examine your documents and provide any guidance necessary.

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