Considerations When Purchasing Commercial Property

Sugar Land Real Estate LawChoosing the right commercial property can help you achieve the greatest degree of success in your chosen field. Financial resources, risk tolerance, and property attributes can all have a significant impact on your decision to purchase commercial real estate in Sugar Land and the surrounding communities. Working with a firm that has extensive experience in Sugar Land real estate law can be a good first step toward navigating the complexities of zoning, use restrictions and other provisions that could limit the uses to which a newly acquired parcel of property can be put. Here are some key factors to consider when buying commercial real estate in our area.

Zoning Issues

Zoning restrictions can be general or specific. For example, properties zoned for residential use may or may not have limitations on the types of homes and residential properties that can be built in these areas. Commercially zoned properties may have restrictions on the types of businesses and retail stores that can be built or operated. Limits may also be placed on the size and height of buildings, the amount of parking allowed and even the landscaping choices in some areas. Working with a Sugar Land or Katy real estate law attorney is a good way to begin the process of identifying zoning issues and addressing them in the most positive and practical way.


Making sure your commercial property is easily accessible by clients and vendors can help you achieve the greatest profitability with your new venture. Properties that provide easy access for customers are much more desirable for retail locations and could boost foot traffic for your business. Even areas with zoning restrictions may be worthwhile investments if they are in a location suited to your needs.

Conditional Uses

In some cases, properties with zoning restrictions can be approved for variances from those zoning rules under conditional use status. This process can take a considerable amount of time, however, and may not end in success. Consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced Sugar Land small business attorney before deciding on a specific property or approach to commercial real estate acquisitions or leasing can save you time and money on real estate parcels that may not suit your needs.

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