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Benefits of HOA Restrictive Covenants

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you are probably subject to restrictions on how you can use or maintain your property. These restrictive covenants are generally designed to help keep home values high in your area and to ensure the most pleasant environment for all residents. For those considering a purchase in a neighborhood governed by an HOA, consulting with a firm in Sugar Land real estate law can sometimes provide added insights into the reasons for HOA restrictions. Here are some of the primary benefits of restrictive covenants for homeowners in our area.

Eliminating Eyesores

Your HOA may offer a list of acceptable paint colors for exterior use. This list is usually intended to prevent unsightly combinations or extreme colors from creating an unattractive appearance for your neighborhood. By prohibiting hot pink, black and bright red colors, for example, your HOA can ensure that the homes in your neighborhood can be sold more easily without worries about these eyesores bringing down property values within the community. Similar rules about property maintenance, mowing lawns and landscaping are also intended to preserve the value of the homes in your area according to knowledgeable Katy real estate law professionals.

Preventing Unwanted Use of Land

The restrictions included in your HOA documentation can also prevent homes from being used as rental properties on a short-term basis and can limit the ability of properties to be sold for use as trailer parks or other less desirable residential developments. This can help you to maintain a safer and more stable neighborhood for yourself and your family. Many restrictive covenants also include clauses dealing with the number and types of pets allowed in your neighborhood. For example, cows, sheep, pigs and other farm animals are usually not allowed in residential areas governed by an HOA.

Maintaining Shared Areas

Your HOA may also assess fees or other charges to provide upkeep for shared areas and green spaces in your community. These assessments can help you enjoy the most pleasant atmosphere and can provide safe places for children to play and adults to relax. For a relatively small investment, you can enjoy these areas as an added benefit from your HOA.

Consulting with a Katy real estate law firm before signing any real estate contracts can help you determine if the restrictive covenants of an HOA are acceptable to you and your family. The legal professionals at The Law Office of Henry Jakob can provide you with the Katy estate planning and real estate counsel you need to achieve the best results. Call us today at 713.640.5700. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family.